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Hackers page of open theory

Maintainer: Stefan Meretz, Version 1, 05.05.2000
Projekt-Typ: halboffen
Status: Archiv

open theory hacker's page


Hi all, here you'll find all informations about open theory development. Please read the homepage of open theory first to understand what the intention of the project is - unfortunately currently in german only. You're invited to support the development process by any means you are willing to give to the project. We are especially looking for:
  • PHP3/MySQL hackers
  • Testers
  • PERL coder
  • translators to other languages than german
with support by


(2) Although this page is in english - probably not the best one - the projects originally started with german pages. So, a very cool thing would be a smart translation to english.

(2.1) Italian translation, 16.03.2004, 21:05, Stefan Meretz: Diego Schiavon from Bozen did the complete italian translation of open theory - cool!

The open theory project from a developers point of view

(3) The open theory project technically is made up of some tables in a MySQL database and (currently) of some PHP3 and PERL scripts reading and writing this database. By this means texts, members and maintainers of open theory content projects can be managed via web pages. You can say, that open theory is a mixure of news group or mailing archives and static web pages. The goal is the support of collaborative production of texts, ideas, theories and thoughs. The advantage is, that users can view discussion treads at the same time and can immediately repond by sending a comment. This comment is transfered to the database, so that the next web page reload will show this submission.

Want to join?

(4) Depending on your contribution you'll need some technical resources. Hacking requires an access to a MySQL/PHP3 combination to implement and test scripts. There are some MySQL/PHP3-resources availble on the web, a list can be found on http://www.dynamic-webpages.de/17.provider.php, however, I have no experience with such offers. Maybe some PERL scripts can be used and tested without access to a database. Translators need a simple text editor.

(5) If you want to join the development, please send a mail to the maintainer Stefan Meretz or make subscribe to the dev-project on the member-page. You are then automatically subscribed to a mailinglist.

(6) If you want to debate general aspects of open theory like wanted features of the software, handling of practical problems like non-sense comments or spamming, advantages and disadvantages of licenses used for open theory etc., than you should subscribe to the general and non-technical open_theory-project. This is the main project in the hierarchy with ot as subject - for all people who want to bring the idea of open theory forward.

Download of released versions

(7) The open theory software is released under the terms of GNU General Public License (GPL). By using the software you accept these terms including the exclusion of any warranty. There are only pre-releases, currently beta-0.7. For testing purposes you can download it here. You can checkout a develepment version from the CVS-tree.

(7.1) Re: Download of released versions, 17.01.2002, 21:45, Stefan Meretz: Version beta-0.8 is released.

(7.2) version 0.8.2, 10.04.2002, 17:44, Stefan Meretz: ot-v0_8_2.tgz

(7.3) version 0.8.3, 10.04.2002, 17:45, Stefan Meretz: ot-v0_8_3.tgz

(7.4) version 0.8.4, 01.07.2002, 00:35, Stefan Meretz: ot-v0_8_4.tgz

(7.5) Version 0.9.0a, 30.09.2002, 19:42, Stefan Meretz: ot-v0_9_0a.tgz

(7.6) Version 0.9.1a, 02.11.2003, 22:36, Stefan Meretz: ot-v0_9_1a.tgz

(7.7) Version 0.9.1b, 04.01.2004, 22:00, Stefan Meretz: ot-v0_9_1b.tgz

(7.8) CVS tree, 28.01.2005, 13:15, Stefan Meretz: The CVS has changed its URL: http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/opentheory/otsrc/

(7.9) Version 0.9.1d, 23.12.2005, 14:54, Stefan Meretz: ot-v0_9_1d.tgz

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