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Hackers page of open theory

Maintainer: Stefan Meretz, Version 2, 23.01.2007
Projekt-Typ: halboffen
Status: Archiv

open theory 2.0


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The project open theory was launched based on a version 0.x in 2000. The development was done using PHP3 these times. You can view the old development pages here.

In autumn 2006 -- accidentally the seventh year?! -- the new development started based on TurboGears, a Python framework. An own project ot_redesign was setup for conceptual work.


(2) Do you want to influence the new development of open theory? Then please use the projekt ot_redesign (german, but we can switch to english) in order to read you an overview what is going on, and subscribe there. We always need clever people in many areas:

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